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Ethical and natural personal fragrances inspired by wildness.


Company Values

These natural fragrances are inspired by beautiful landscapes and the wonderful things that inhabit them.

Firn premium botanical fragrances are made one at a time using only high quality, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and completely natural and plant-based ingredients. They pay homage to the natural world, imagined concepts, collective memories, and personal experiences.

"Firn" is a portmanteau of Fern and Fir, created to honor the rich, green bioregion in which the fragrances are hand blended. Firn is also an old term that was used to describe the raw material of glaciers, and is best translated to "last year's snow". I LOVE this! Without snowmelt from the previous winter, many of our world's natural spaces would not exist as the stunning habitats that we love to explore with the hope of finding something greater than ourselves.

You'll notice a common theme in many of the fragrances listed. Many of these contain smoke or deep forest notes. If you've always wanted to visit Oregon or have already experienced and loved it, I think you'll appreciate these blends in particular.


Company Values: Ethical Fragrance Inspired by Wildness


Firn botanical fragrances are made exclusively with high quality, biodegradable, and cruelty-free ingredients. They pay homage to the natural world, imagined concepts, collective memories, and personal experiences.

The word "firn" is a double entendre'. First, it's a portmanteau of the words fern and fir, a term (I thought) I had invented as a way to honor the green bioregion in which the fragrances are handmade. Turns out, firn is a term used to describe the raw granular material of glaciers not yet compressed into ice, best translated to mean "last year's snow". A simple image search for true firn yields photographs of jagged mountains and frozen stratified landscapes. Because of this, I feel the word's meaning even more appropriately represents Firn fragrances, which are layered in scent, pure and crystalline, and transmit light the way snow and ice do. Additionally, the creation process of each fragrance is transparent in itself. (More on this below.)

Firn as a company supports the preservation of natural spaces, virgin wilderness, and all things that are untamed. It supports communicating with the environment using our more base senses, like nose and instinct. Ever walk into a forest clearing that smells like elk musk, or have the sensation that a small feral creature is watching you from a branch above? Firn absolutely supports that! That's tapping into a deeper sensory experience, your own wildness. Firn fragrances were created to support a more primal connection to nature, because we are nature and we come from it. Once we recognize that we are integral animals to this world, our relationship with it can improve. The result? Living in better harmony with everything else with whom we share this space.


Earth Friendly, Transparent (Literally and Metaphorically) Practices

Unlike conventional perfumes, you'll notice Firn fragrances aren't colorless; that's because they're made with 100% pure, natural, and often organic ingredients. You may even come across very small amounts of plant material; this is ok!

Any plant matter that was wildcrafted for fragrance was done so responsibly and with utmost respect and consideration for its contribution to its native ecosystem.

Most of the packaging materials are reusable, recyclable, or compostable. To keep them safe in transit, all fragrances are cushioned with dried lichen harvested from the ground beneath local trees, then tucked into a reusable cotton drawstring bag.

Included documents are printed on post-consumer recycled paper and can be recycled themselves.

Please read my blog post No.3, "Ethical Perfumery" to learn more!


Giving Back

A percentage of sales for certain full-size items (e.g. Badlands) will be donated to environmental causes. Please see product descriptions for more information on which sales directly support this big beautiful thing we all call Home.


Vial Exchange Program

Once you’ve used all of your fragrance, you can return the empty glass vial and atomizer to Firn to refill it with the same scent. An $8 credit will be applied toward your purchase of replenishing your fragrance. Feel free to email to learn more about this.