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Ethical and natural personal fragrances inspired by wildness.

For Noses

1-ounce glass atomizers of 100% pure & plant-based fragrance in an alcohol base.

Daphne Odora


Daphne Odora



Harbinger of Spring.


A bright floral scent inspired by the ornamental and beautifully aromatic plant after which it was named. It alludes to walking past a Winter Daphne bush and smelling its iconically fragrant blossoms in the air. A wisp of green woodiness from its leaves and stems greet the nose -- just briefly -- before going on bright and sharp and then drying down to a soft white floral. Creamy wood and vanilla linger on the skin afterward.

Daphne Odora is an intensely fragrant shrub native to Asia. In Korea, the plant is referred to as churihyang, or "a thousand mile scent" because in the late winter, you'll begin to smell the pink and white flowers before you see them. They project their intoxicating citrus-sweet fragrance far and wide, announcing the coming arrival of warmer, longer days. (As you might imagine, many -- especially those of us in the rainy Northwest -- are very, very grateful for this plant's tiny blooms!)

Many perfumers have tried hard to replicate Daphne's complex and beautiful fragrance. It's difficult to capture the multi-faceted profile of this flower without using synthetics. This is my best attempt using only natural ingredients, so please note that while it is close, it is NOT identical. Nothing replicates natural perfection!

Please note that I don't offer exchanges or refunds, so you may want to purchase a trial size first to be sure you like this fragrance!

These atomizers offer a generous spray that creates a wide and soft mist. For maximum longevity, try applying to clothing and hair.


Scent Profile (top to base)
A variety of Citrus, Neroli, Melissa, Jasmine, Ylang, Wood, Vanilla


Fragrance Family

Citrus, Floral, Gourmand, Woods



1oz EDP.


Customer Feedback

"Got my Daphne this morning. Love love love it!" -Deana

"Heady floral clouds." -Niya

"I am swooning over this daphne scent. I have wanted this fragrance for years and it has been captured beautifully. It's natural yet slightly exotic. Wonderful packaging. So happy!" ~Page

"It's a beautifully crisp floral, makes me feel like a winter or spring princess. My boyfriend liked it on me too." -Alana

"Wonderful scent and beautiful presentation.  I'll order again for gifts.  Thanks, Lisa!" -Jane


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