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Ethical and natural personal fragrances inspired by wildness.

Any 10 Samples

For Noses

1-ounce glass atomizers of 100% pure & plant-based fragrance in an alcohol base.

Any 10 Samples

Firn Sampler Pack.jpg
Firn Sampler Pack.jpg

Any 10 Samples



A wide spectrum of premium hand-blended botanical fragrances, at a discounted price, with offerings from a variety of different perfume families: Citrus, Earth, Flower, Leaf, Smoke, Spice, Tea, Water, Wood.

Samples arrive bundled together in a reusable cotton gift bag cushioned with wildcrafted lichen. Please specify at checkout which ten samples you'd like. Due to the very limited availability of their ingredients, Badlands and Mer are not offered as part of the sampler pack but can be purchased individually by visiting the full size product page and selecting the sample option. Thanks for understanding!



Ten (10) x 1ml EDP.


Customer Feedback

"The scents are the forest distilled into tiny vials; it’s as if they were blended with rain trickling from pine needles, dew gathered on moss, and sap beading on trees. They evoke sunlight caught in undergrowth while sifting through the forest floor (Moss Collector), firelight flickering against the sky while curling by crackling flames (Woodsmoke), and starlight glimmering on evergreens while ascending, breathless (Cascadia)." -Vivian

"These are some of the most brilliant fragrances I've ever tried - it was hard to pick favourites. But I'm particularly fond of woodsmoke, which is the only realistic campfire scent I've found in years of looking, and woodnote, which is wonderfully warm and a little sweet. Shipping was fast and Lisa is great about communication - I can't recommend this shop highly enough!" -Ysabel

"These samples were beautifully received! Bits of Oregon green were added to the packaging. With so many complex and interesting aromas, it's going to be very difficult to choose just one favorite. The individual descriptions are very accurate. However, when you experience them in person, the scents really transport you to someplace special. These are really beautiful creations! Don't hesitate!!" -LoriBeth

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