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Ethical and natural personal fragrances inspired by wildness.

For Noses

1-ounce glass atomizers of 100% pure & plant-based fragrance in an alcohol base.

Moss Collector


Moss Collector



Damp Earth, Decomposing Forest Vegetation, Moss, & Spruce.


If you were to rest your cheek on the green velvet floor of a coniferous old growth forest, what would you smell? Moss spores, earthy mushrooms, and lichen? The pleasant sourness of mold and mildew, of chlorophyll run amok? Deeper beyond that, would you inhale the aromas of tiny organisms, fertile soil, and minerals buried in the clay below?

Moss Collector is verdant, spicy, and vegetal. It was created for those who love the rain on their faces and mud on their knees, seeking to connect with the forest's darkest, dampest, most intimate places. This scent is an allusion to the natural cycles of regeneration and decomposition on micro-scales. If Cascadia represents a cold and dry Winter on the lonely tops of mountains, then Moss Collector represents the thawing forest floor's awakening in the Springtime.

This fragrance's creation was inspired by Oregon's Valley of the Giants and the lyrics of folk musician and activist Mariee Sioux, whose beautiful songs pull her listeners gently into the bowels of ancient forests of watchful evergreens.

Please note that I don't offer exchanges or refunds, so you may want to purchase a trial size first to be sure you like this fragrance!

These atomizers offer a generous spray that creates a wide and soft mist. For maximum longevity, try applying to clothing and hair.


Scent Profile (top to base)
Evergreens, black pepper, patchouli, oak, mushrooms, and violet leaf.


Fragrance Family

Green, Earthy/Dirt-Like, Woods



1oz EDP.


Customer Feedback

"Love the Moss Collector and it has indeed transported me back home to Oregon. I am not a cologne wearer, but I do enjoy scents that elicit memories and don't overpower. Looking forward to trying other scents!" -Anthony


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