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Ethical and natural personal fragrances inspired by wildness.

Oregon Explorer Pack - Six Samples

For Noses

1-ounce glass atomizers of 100% pure & plant-based fragrance in an alcohol base.

Oregon Explorer Pack - Six Samples


Oregon Explorer Pack - Six Samples



Know a recently migrated Oregonian who's desperately missing the Motherland? Have you wanted to visit but haven't had a chance to yet? This sure beats a postcard, plus, selecting this set over six individual samples provides a discounted price!

The Oregon Explorer Pack is the perfect olfactory choose-your-own-adventure through my interpretations of refreshing hot springs, thrilling mushroom hunts, cool mountains covered with evergreens, damp and mossy forest understories, autumnal bonfires, and even Portland's famous rose test garden. Each natural fragrance contains one or more ingredients that can be found in Oregon's diverse ecosystems -- many of them native -- whether it be Boletus, Grand Fir, Rose, or some other natural wonder. Samples arrive bundled together in a reusable cotton gift bag cushioned with wildcrafted lichen, making it a perfect gift for the homesick or would-be Oregonian.

This fragrance set contains one 1ml vial of each of the following six scents:

  • Cascadia - Coniferous Mountain Air
  • Rose Evernia - Morning Rain in a Rose Garden
  • Moss Collector - Damp Undergrowth of an Old Growth Forest
  • Argentum - A Tribute to the Best Outdoor Soaks
  • Forage - Autumnal Trek Through the Ferns
  • Woodsmoke - Wood, Whisky, and Campfire


Due to the very limited availability of their ingredients, Badlands and Mer are not offered as part of the sampler pack but can be purchased individually by visiting the full size product page and selecting the sample option. Thanks for understanding!



Six (6) x 1ml EDP.


Customer Feedback

"A variety of magnificent Oregon olfactory experiences! I'll definitely be back for more. Gift yourself, and your loved ones. Each scent lives up to its eloquent, beautifully written description." -Blaine

"All different and unique scents that last! What a great middle of the week pick-me-up, sending myself a little gift. I loved it." -Jeannine

"Lovely, natural scents." -Coral

"The scents are fantastic. Well balanced and harmonious. Definitely evokes the feeling of being in a forest. They wear close and subtle, which is to be expected with natural (versus synthetic) fragrances." -Zak

"These were sent to a friend and she was so touched by the gift. Absolutely loved the wonderful packaging and unique fragrances, calling them 'super evocative and magical'!" -Niya

"Firn packages arrive as exquisite gifts for your senses. Beautifully wrapped in lichen, and each scent a vivid experience for your imagination. I am excited to wear Cascadia to the Women's March on Washington next Saturday!" -Corinne

"Bought this as a gift for a loved one who moved away from Oregon. Beautifully packaged and the perfect thing. Might have to buy one for myself next birthday..." -Page

"As a SoCal girl who dreams of living in the foggy, green PNW someday, thank you for creating scents who allow me to escape there via scents in the meantime." -Jessica

"This little gift bag is amazing, fun, and reminds me of The Never Ending Story for some reason, like it's a real adventure! Thanks so much! I love it!" -Windy

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