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Ethical and natural personal fragrances inspired by wildness.

For Noses

1-ounce glass atomizers of 100% pure & plant-based fragrance in an alcohol base.






A modern metropolitan floral.


The word "oenomel" translates to wine and honey, but it's also used to describe something that combines strength and sweetness. That accurately conveys the character of this unisex fragrance. Resinous vetiver, spicy carnation accord, and dry cedarwood come together to create a refined and grounded scent with sweet floral attributes.

This fragrance was inspired by the gray architectural strength and stoicism of Portland's Old Towne industrial district with the endearing and colorful quirkiness of its human occupants.

Urbane provides the wearer with a cozy aromatic experience. For this reason, it's a favorite in our household. (While recently wearing this to a restaurant, my partner said the woman behind him repeatedly asked her friends: "Do you smell that? Someone here smells really good!")

Please note that I don't offer exchanges or refunds, so you may want to purchase a trial size first to be sure you like this fragrance!

These atomizers offer a generous spray that creates a wide and soft mist. For maximum longevity, try applying to clothing and hair.


Scent Profile (top to base)
Carnation Accord, Cedarwood, Vetiver


Fragrance Family

Floral, Spicy, Woods, Oriential, Floriental



1oz EDP.


Customer Feedback
"Oh, this is different! Crisp and clear, floral yes, and there's that carnation, but the vetiver's quick to catch up and once it does, it's crystal clear to me why this is a unisex scent. It straddles that divide very neatly... If I ever have to look professional, this bad girl is coming with me. She's a tidy smell, not overblown, not underdone, but well put together with a certain je ne sais quoi to keep interests piqued." -Risa

"Ethereal vetiver and moist floral wood, mmm... :)" -Alana


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