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Ethical and natural personal fragrances inspired by wildness.

For Noses

1-ounce glass atomizers of 100% pure & plant-based fragrance in an alcohol base.


firn woodsmoke.jpg
firn woodsmoke.jpg



A straightforward fragrance that evolves from smooth, sweet Whiskey to charred wood.

This scent is like huddling in the early hours with friends around a campfire savoring the dwindling summer nights. A few fallen leaves swirl around your camp stool, reminding you that incoming fall is nipping at the edges of darkness. A flask of moonshine makes its way around the circle, and it burns your throat with pleasant sweet warmth. The dying fire pops and cracks. Glowing embers fly in an upward spiral to rejoin the ether in the starry sky above.

This fragrance clings beautifully to clothing and hair.

Please note that I don't offer exchanges or refunds, so you may want to purchase a trial size first to be sure you like this fragrance!

These atomizers offer a generous spray that creates a wide and soft mist. For maximum longevity, try applying to clothing and hair.

Scent Profile (top to base)
Wood, Whiskey, and campfire.

Fragrance Family

Smokey, Woods, Boozy


1oz EDP.

Customer Feedback

"I am in LOVE with Woodsmoke. I have been hunting for a pure smoke scent for a while and this is it... I love how it clings on my skin like fresh smoke. It's like I've just gone camping. And best of all - no headache!!! It's insanely rare for me to find a scent that doesn't trigger a headache for me, but Woodsmoke clings to me very subtly in a way that feels natural and doesn't jar my senses." -Jessica

"Woodsmoke smells just like that... Woodsmoke! I've looked all over for a fragrance that smells just like woodsmoke, but have never found one (some say they do, but they don't), and this one is just wonderful... Makes me feel like I have just been around a campfire singing songs, playing guitar, and sharing with friends! Lovely and warm fragrance, lasts a long time on me... Look forward to purchasing from you again." -Sus

"It's a tough call on top favorite but might have to go with WOODSMOKE! Sometimes it smells strictly of woodsmoke and other times I catch whiffs of burnt marshmallow. Either way I love it and can see it being fun for layering." -Alana

”You have such a nose for creating magic. Everyone is good at something. This is your ‘something’. An aroma can really change your whole state of mind. Your Woodsmoke relieves me of my discontent for our Florida heat/humidity. I long for chilly evenings and campfires under the stars. Simply put, your Woodsmoke eases my anxiety. I bet you didn’t realize you were capable of wielding so much power with your creations! Don’t let that go to your head. :-)” -Lori

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