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Ethical and natural personal fragrances inspired by wildness.


Why natural fragrance?

Why Natural Fragrance?


The nose has taken millions of years to evolve. It collects data, processes it, and provides us with important survival information, often subconsciously and in a fraction of a second. It can tell us if a plant is safe or harmful to eat and if a predator or prey is nearby; it can detect subtle changes in the weather and the seasons; it can read the pheromones of others to determine if you should keep them at a comfortable distance or bring them much closer to you. Scent has been crucial to our shared and individual experience because it translates the complex language wordlessly spoken by our environments and each other.

In the modern world, scents are a luxury used more for enjoyment and less for survival; our noses don't need to work so hard to keep us alive these days. Scents are also used to mask toxic materials and can be toxic themselves, and many synthetic aromatic compounds are now confirmed carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. (Please read this article for more information.) Firn premium botanical fragrances are made exclusively from high quality, cruelty free, biodegradable, and natural ingredients, meaning they are entirely void of synthetics and petrochemicals.

My hope is that just one of these fragrances strengthens your relationship with Nature. Perhaps one tugs on a heart string you didn't know was there, transports you to a wild place you've always wanted to visit, or elicits a visceral reaction your savage ancestors experienced hundreds of generations ago, back when we relied more heavily on our senses and instinct to survive.

I invite you to begin your adventure back into wildness, starting with your olfactory sense as a vehicle for your travel.

Just remember that the exploration shouldn't end there. Go outside. Explore. Be wild.